Aug 1, 2013

Make Automatic DNS Setting in Godaddy for Blogger Blog

Tired or Confuse of make correct working DNS settings of your Blogger Blog ?. well pointing your newly perched domain is not so hard work but sometime it is little confusing for new blogger .

So here in this post i am going to share my knowledge about a very helpful and awesome Tool by Godaddy . specially for blogger user who are not able to point their domain manually in godaddy .

To Point your Custom Domain to your Blogger Blog Just follow my below mention simple steps :-

Make Automatic DNS Setting in Godaddy for Blogger Blog

1. Just go to
2. Sing-in if it is asked .
3. Type your domain name which you own and want to automatically get pointed to blogger .

Note :- don't type domain like or  just type only

Now wait for some min/hours until Domains DNS setting get active it can take some mins to 2 days get fully working. it depend on your domain registrar and luck ,for me it takes about 2 min :)

Part Two -2 

Now when your dns get active :-

1. just login to your blogger

2.go to blogger settings >> Basic >> Publishing >>

3.Type your domain with www prefix not naked domain
 see example in below pic
4.tick Redirection of naked domain to www prefix

5. and click on save button .

Note :- you if get error while saving ,it's mean domain dns settings are not still not active .wait for some more time .

Now all done hope this trick work for you successfully ...if you get any problem /question just comment below ..

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  1. thank you sir giving this tips because i want this type of information so its a really great for me.

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