Jul 28, 2013

Best Free file encryption security software for Windows

Best 5 Free File Encryption Security App for Windows

Worried about the Security of your Private file and don't want to share with any body in any way like- stop him/her to get it open and use .
Here in this post i am going share some knowledge of how to make your files most secure and private with today best available trick of making it Encrypt.

Encrypted file can't be get open and use it until you will provide the correct Password or key file which is use while Encryption .

So in this Post i am going to tell you about some Free software which can help you in encrypting you file easily and in most secure way .

Free File Encryption Software

1.TrueCrypt :- 

Program Name : TrueCrypt

Developer : TrueCrypt Foundation

Supported OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 , Mac OS X and Linux

Allows users to create three different type of encrypted volumes: encrypted containers that protect any files and folders you put in, encrypted partitions (including the system Windows partition), and encrypted drives (including internal drives, external drives, USB flash drives, CDs/DVDs, etc.)

1.You can have as many encrypted volumes as you like

2.Encrypted containers, partitions (including operating system partition), and drives can be hidden (aka plausible deniability)

3.When encrypting operating system partition, uses pre-boot authentication

4.Allows users to pick if they want to use AES 256-bit, Serpent 256-bit, Twofish 256-bit, AES-Twofish, AES-Twofish-Serpent, Serpent-AES, Serpent-Twofish-AES, or Twofish-Serpent encryption

5.Allows users to pick if they want to use RIJPEMD-160, SHA-512, or Whirlpool hash algorithm

6.Allows users to pick the total size of encrypted container (e.g. 200 MB) and you can put as many files inside the container that fit in the specified size; or you can create a dynamic container which automatically grows in size if the files you have inside surpass the limit you selected

7.Users are giving the option of selecting file system (FAT, NTFS, or none) and cluster size for containers

8.In addition to traditional passwords, users can optionally use keyfiles

9.Files/folders inside encrypted volumes can easily be accessed (opened, edited, deleted, renamed, moved, etc.) by mounting the encrypted volume and accessing it in Windows Explorer like it is a drive or folder (like a disc image)

10.You need to dismount volumes after you are done with them to re-encrypt them

11.Encrypted volumes can be mounted on any computer that has TrueCrypt installed

12.You obviously cannot access encrypted volumes without the associated password (and keyfile, if applicable)

13.You can mount encrypted volumes as read-only, if you want .

14.Encrypted volumes can automatically be dismounted when: user logs off, screen saver is turned off, power saving mode is enabled, and/or no data is read or written to volume for X minutes

15.Can automatically mount all device-hosted volumes upon login of Windows.

16. You can mount (aka view and access) over a dozen encrypted volumes at a time, if you like

17.Mounting/dismounting and accessing files inside volumes is seamless and very fast — no need to wait a long time for encryption/decryption to happen, everything is on-the-fly

18Can be made portable

19.Is open-source


Program Name: AxCrypt

Developer: Axantum

Supported OS: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/2008/7

1.Allows users to encrypt any file and file type using a user-selected password; encrypted files can only be decrypted/accessed with that password

2.Securely encrypts files using AES 128-bit encryption

3.Note: I know some people may be thinking “but isn’t AES 256-bit better”. Yes, AES 256-bit is technically better but AES 128-bit is secure and provides more security than the average Joe needs.

4.Allows users to pick if they want to encrypt the target file or create a copy of the target file and encrypt the copy

5.Can easily batch encrypt (or decrypt) multiple files at the same time (each file is encrypted using the same password but is encrypted separately)

6.Allows users to create self-extracting, standalone encrypted EXE files which can be decrypted without the need to install AxCrypt

7.Encrypted files can either be permanently decrypted or temporarily decrypted (which automatically re-encrypts the target file after you have closed it)

8.Allows users to optionally use key files for more secure encryption

9.Has a built-in secure file shredder that uses one pass PRN overwrite to securely delete files; this shredder is used automatically by AxCrypt in situations that it needs to shred files (such as in the case of temporary decryption) and you have the ability to manually run it, too

10.Automatically compresses encrypted files using Zlib, ensuring encrypted files are as small in size as possible
Is extremely easy-to-use; adds an AxCrypt entry in the right-click context menu from which you can easily encrypt/decrypt files.

11.Has a portable version which does not require administrator access to run

Well there is some other Awesome app for this propose so Keep Visiting to know about more other Software. 

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