Jun 30, 2013

How to Get Traffic from USA ,CANADA ,Australia ?

How to Get Traffic from USA ,CANADA ,Australia ?

Optimize Site to Get Traffic for USA , CANADA , Australia etc.

Hi all User here i will talked about how to Optimize your Site to Get Traffic from Country Specify like CANADA ,USA ,Australia , India etc with some simple Seo Tips and Tricks .

Why we should Optimize our Site to get Traffic from these Country ?

Well the Main Reason is to Earn Money form their Ad-Networks like Adsense . ad-networks pay higher CPC , CPM for their traffic form developed country like these Because Advertiser Pay money for these Traffic (customer) .

How to Optimize your Site for Traffic of these country  .. ?

For Explaining here i will choose US  ,you can your country according to your Wish .

1. First of all i will Recommend you to write your post which is in high demand US . choose any Topic which is Highly Search by People of US. write your post in well English and in sufficient Word .
Your Post should be Good in Quality with Enough Word ( minimum 300 + ) . 

2.Get your Post Crawled by all major Search Engine Like :- Google , Bing ,Yahoo etc .

3.If you want traffic mainly form US then Set your site in your webmaster Setting of Different Search Engine . for ex i choose Google Today most famous Search Engine .

  Go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/settings?hl=en&siteUrl=http://www.yoursite.com/

replace http://www.yoursite.com/ with your site url .

Note :- your site Url should be Fully verified in your Google webmaster ,other wise you will get error.

Tick  "Target users in" and Select United States . 

Set your site in your webmaster Setting

4. Try to Choose your Domain with Country Specify TLD for Eg. 

.us for United State , .in for India and .au for Australia etc .

5.Choose your Hosting Server which is situated in US .

6. Post your your content link in Local or Popular Sites or Forums which has Traffic from these Country ( US ) . this will give a Back-link + Good Visitors to your site .

7. Make good Back-link Specially from those site who have  traffic these country to get Perform good in SERP .

 Now have done , must try and good luck from me ,, if you have question or Problem then you are most in Comment box ..

Hope you Enjoy this Post and helpful for you ..

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