Mar 25, 2013

How to Host HTML Site File to DropBox

How to Host HTML File to DropBox

In this Post i am going to share Tutorial How to Host your .HTML site File to the famous file hosting  Service by Dropbox .Last time i share Tutorial how to Host your Html Site with Google Drive .Dropbox really provide a premium service for free to their User. User fo Dropbox can Upload their any kind and Format extension File to the Server of Dropbox with their Dropbox Account.For Free User Dropbox allow two GB to Upload .User can easliy Upgrade their Account if they want More Space Upload their file Online.and they have also cool affiliate Program to Get More GB to Upload (18 GB Max)

Tutorial to Host your html Site File to DropBox

Follow my below Mention Steps :-
  • Go and Create a Dropbox account you you don't have... here
  • After Creating Dropbox account Verify it .
  • Download the Dropbox app ,install it to your Pc and Sing in to your account with it for better file management and Uploading/Sys (Optional)
  • Now Upload your .Html file to your Dropbox Account.
  • After Successful Upload you see your uploaded file in your Account,Right Click on it .
  • Now a tab will open with Download and Share Option 
  • Cancel the Share Option and Right Click on Download Button and Copy the Link of that file
Now almost all done ,you just have to edit the copied Url in Notepad like the 


if you get the url

then Edit/Delete

it will look like this

Now above Url is your Direct Link of your Html site File ,you can it as your need .

Now All Done ...Enjoy any Problem or Question then comment below ..

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