Jul 15, 2013

How to check Your PenDrive or Memory Card is Original or Fake

How to Your PenDrive/ Memory Card is Original or Fake

Today their are many Scam and Fraud sellers who sell the duplicate product at very less price and most of their product are so nicely copied that it became very difficult to identity them from their look . like Watches , Mobiles , Pendrive or Memory card  etc .
But most of them can be checked weather Product i your hand is Original or Duplicates with some tips and tricks .

So in this Post i am going to share a tricks to check the Pendrive or Memory card with a simple and tiny app called H2testw.

Follow my below instruction to check how to check your Pendrive or Memory card.

1. First go and download H2testw app .

2.Insert your Pendrive or Memory card .

3. Run the H2testw app and select the drive or your Pendrive or Memory card .

4. Click on Write + Verify  , now checking of you Pendrive or Memory card will get start .
wait till it get finish you will get result .
Now all done , hope will get happy result ... :) 

if any Problem or Question comment below .

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