May 23, 2013

Awesome Mobile Platform Cloud Hosting -Free 6GB

Looking for a Free Cloud Hosting for Mobile Platform ? then this post is just for you. in my many previous posts i have already written about many Feature Cloud Hosting Service Like - Google Drive ,Box , Dropbox , Skydrive etc with also many useful tips and Tricks.

But Today i will tell you about a Mobile Platform Awesome Feature Cloud Hosting Service which is Provided by Uc Browser for 100 % Free.

 What is Uc Browser ?

In one Sentence i will like to say that Uc Browser is one of Fasted Browser for Mobile. with excellent download management with better speed .

Now come to the Cloud Hosting . Uc Browser also provide you a Awesome Mobile Platform Cloud Hosting Service for 100% Free with 6GB storage . 2GB is Permanent and rest 4GB available for temporary with 7 day storage by default but you can extend the time by renew option.

How to get Free Mobile Cloud Hosting ?

Follow my some simple instruction to get this Cloud Hosting .

1. First you have to download a Uc Browser copy available for almost all Mobile OS Download it from here (go with your default mobile Browser )
after downloading Install it and sign-up for Udisk. go to download manager page of Uc Browser .

2. Click on Offline Download menu . you will see here link for sign-in and sigh-up

3. Click on Sign-up link ,now you see option for Facebook login sign-up just sign-up with Facebook.

4.Now you are almost done and ready for using your cloud hosting

You can easily Upload any file your mobile to your account and also do remote upload of any url which you want directly uploaded to your account .

If you have question or Problem just comment below ... and keep visiting for next tricks ...

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  1. Its work Friend.I will really appreciate to you if you will post on other cloud storage service for me.
    One More thing Skydrive apps on Mac also get some features same like this.

  2. Please post some other mobile(java) clouds. Pls. And also if you want to know more about yoU Can web(UC) visit

  3. Excellent post and wonderful blog.Would like to read more from you...Thanks for a great blog!

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    1. Thanks for Feedback and most welcome here on my blog

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