Apr 11, 2013

Edit Your PC Bootable BSD file with Easy windows App

Do you how to edit a bootable .bsd file ?, Well here in this Post i will Explain how to edit the Boot Loader Menu of your Pc in some some Easiest way like deleting a entry, adding a new entry or editing a entry .

Well for some simple editing we also edit without have any external app like just deleting a exiting entry of your boot menu .

If you need just to delete some useless entry ,then use my below trick.. >>
  • Press Win + R  button to open the windows "RUN" app.
  • and Type msconfig in the box then press OK button
  • A new application will open >> Navigate to Boot menu.

  • Now you will see the boot file data information ..here you can delete any boot entry or Set any other entry as Default etc.

Editing Bootable with External Free Windows app .

You can also edit your pc Boot file with a simple Free and Light-Weight tiny app called EasyBCD .

with this application you can :-
  • edit your boot loader 
  • add a new entry to boot loader 
  • backup your boot loader
  • Repair your boot loader etc.
This app has very advanced feature ,Easy to Use and Useful for editing your boot loader .

Now if get any problem or any Question then comment below .

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