Mar 16, 2013

How to Download Picasa Web Album Photo in Easiest way

Looking for Most Easy Method for Downloading all your Picasa Web Album Photo ? .we all use this most famous web album service by Google to store our memorable photos online. In Picasca we can  upload our photos online or can Creating a Album of Photos,
 It is easy to Upload our photo to Picasa but when comes to downloading our all photos of any album or or our whole Picasa images it became little difficult and time consuming task.

So here in this Post I am to tell how to download all your Picasa Web Album Photo as a Zip Archive ,with full speed and most Safest way.

Follow some Simple steps to download your Images from Picasa

  • Go to Google Takeout (a Official service by Google)
  • Loing with Google account which is associated with your Picasa Album which you want to download.
Downloading all your Picasa Web Album Photo
  • Now Click on Configure button to select what you want to download 
By Default It will download all of your Picasa Album but if want to download any specify album then you can choose it Drop-down menu box .

Now after Choosing what you want to download Click on button "CREATE ARCHIVE ".

Wait some Sec/Min ,it depend on size of Your Album which you have chooses to download .

Now after getting your Picasa Web Album Photo Repaired as a Zip Archive then you can simply start your download by click on your Prepared Archive Link .

Now All done ,if you get any Problel or any Question then Comment below .

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  1. Thank you very very much for posting this!
    I have been looking for a way to download the photos in our Picasa web albums without installing additional third party software for the last couple of years.
    Not much talked about Genuine Google service for downloading your data from any of Google’s services.
    Works well and fast


    1. You are Most Welcome Here ...and happy to help you all ..



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