Jan 8, 2013

Best and Free Color Code Calculator or Picker app

Free Color Picker app Windows Pc
Yes i would Like to call this HTML ,Hex color Code Calculator or picker app( Pixeur) as the best windows app for Developers,Webmasters .I am saying this Best because of my own Personal experiences and features Like ..

  • It is 100% Free 
  • Consume very less memory,Start Fast and and Easy to use
  • Include inbuilt Color Picker.and much other feature 
  • Select any color on the screen
  • Go back to any color with the Color History
  • Advanced Color Selector
  • Easily copy values to the clipboard
  • Conveniently located in the System Tray
  • Support for Hue, Saturation, and Brightness
  • Smart zoom window for ease of selecting colors
  • Added support for CMYK
  • Enhanced History
  • Color History can be exported and saved and then recalled later

If you want this app then you can download the Latest Version at their official website veign.com

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