Nov 16, 2012

Make Facebook Text in Rainbow Color

Make Facebook Text in Rainbow Color

Hi all users today i am with very useful and interesting tool which Make Text in Rainbow Color for Facebook chat..,just try this Facebook Text in Rainbow Color generator ,enter your your Word and click on Generate button ,paste the generated code in Facebook chat and see the magic... Enjoy..

If you want to add this tool to your site you can you the below code

<iframe allowtransparency="yes" frameborder="0" height="460" marginheight="2" marginwidth="2" name="cboxmain3-3220411" scrolling="auto" src="" style="border: #DBE2ED 1px solid;" width="450px"></iframe>

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  1. Fake Fake Fake I did not get when post it on my wall!

    1. kenul this is for FB Chat and MSG only and work in FB Chat and MSG not on wall posting ..

    This link directs you to a REAL fb code generator



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