Sep 16, 2012

how to check your Antivirus is Working or not ?

Now you can easily Check your Antivirus Working or not very easily .to cheack your Antivirus just use below trick
1:-Open Notepad and paste below code in it


2:-Save with any name but extension must be in .bat eg Antivirustest.bat not Antivirustest.txt

If your Antivirus Detect it as Virus then your Antivirus good and Working if it not detect it as Virus then it time to change your Antivirus


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  1. good, thanks dude :) mine works (avast free edition)

  2. Nice david ..actually the .bat file you created is not a virus ,it will not harm in any way but all Antivirus have to detect this code as Virus it is compulsorily to know working or not



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