May 16, 2012

Install WordPress or Other website on local Computer

Today Installing WordPress or any other website which require MySQL on your local computer has Became very Easy, you can install WordPress with the help of some Special software

If you Want to Install WordPress on your local computer just follow these simple steps :


  1. You need xampp  download it from here
  2. And download  WordPress database(setup) from here

Install xampp to C:\xampp/ and Start xampp

WordPress Installation Guide 

1:-Extract all file of downloaded WordPress database(setup) to C:\xampp\htdocs\ 
Note :- index.php file should be located in C:\xampp\htdocs\ not in  C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\

2:-Now open link http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

you will see something like this in pic below

3:- Type the database name (any thing you want ,i have chooses "1vikash") and click on creat Butoon

4:-Now click on left top butoon

5:-After Clicking on create button you will see like this
then click on 1vikash button

6:- Now click on "Privileges" Button and then click on  "Add a new User"

7:- Now fill your desire user-name and Password  ( i have chooses "wordpress"as username) and click Generate button 

Note:- don't change Host 

8:-All done ,Now your 
Database name is:- 1vikash                      (Step:-3)

 user-name is:-wordpress                         (Step:-7)

Host name is:-localhost

Password = which you have chooses in step:-7

9:-  Open link http://localhost/  then click on Create a Configuration File  >>  Let’s go!  

put your :- Database name ,  user-name is , Host name ,Password and click on Submit button now all done ,Enjoy

in this you can install  website like Joomla or any website which require MySQL database 

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