Apr 6, 2012

Lock Your Windows with USB Drive

Rohos Logon Key

Rohos Logon Key -This program change your usb pen-drive into a Password To access Your windows Computer  

 the program offers a convenient way to protect access to a computer using a USB key instead of the usual password. It's convenient - access is 

performed quickly and automatically - although Windows is still protected by a strong password.

Main characteristics of Rohos Logon Key:
• Normal access with a password can be disabled
• As USB Key you can use: any USB Flash Drive, U3 Smart Flash Drive, SD / MMC memory card, Aladdin eToken, Yubikey, etc.
• Automatic login or unlock when it detects a USB key
• Automatic Windows, when the user removes the USB key from the computer. And also: hibernate, set a screen saver, exit
• [Unique] Protects your computer even in Safe Mode Windows. It is impossible to bypass the security USB key, even restarting the computer in Safe Mode
• Alarm input - allows you to access your system if you lose your USB drive, or if you forget the PIN code
• Flexible options for USB keys: one key can be used to log in more than one computer, OR - A computer can have only one key to enter, ignoring foreign key
• Restricts access to a computer, for some users based on time factor. Access is limited to a certain amount of time. The user can operate the computer. • • • • When 

finished, the user, Rohos Logon will automatically block your desktop
• Rohos Logon integrates seamlessly into any configuration of Windows, automatically selecting the Authentication
• Allows you to use a USB key to access the Remote Desktop

Benefits of protection with a USB key:
• Replace weak password authentication to the physical USB key. Usual password login can be disabled
• Increased security of Windows through a more complex password than you normally use
• The password is automatically transmitted to the system from a USB key
• Convenient auto-lock your computer - if you disable the USB flash drive. Returned - connect a USB drive, and you're back to work - without the distraction of 

• Two-factor authentication: The physical USB key + PIN code
• Use a USB Key for access to home and work computer
• Restrict access to a computer based on USB Key / time factor
• Windows is protected even in Safe Mode
• Assign a password for your account allows you to establish a stronger protection for your computer in sleep mode

100% safe solution:
• Alarm input will help you get access to a computer if the USB key is lost or you forget the PIN code
• Protect your computer can not be avoided by loading computer into Safe Mode (Safe Mode boot Windows, where many protection programs are disabled).
• The data on the USB key is encrypted with AES-256 algorithm (encryption standard in the U.S.). The key can not be forged by copying the files to another drive. 

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