Mar 24, 2012

How To Read INDIAN News paper on Mobile

Do you want to how to read all INDIAN News Paper on mobile ? well this Newspaper app for mobile can help you to read the leading Indian Newspapers on your mobile! They support almost all the GPRS enabled handsets. The basic GPRS connections like Airtel Live, Vodafone Live, Idea Fresh, etc support the viewing of your favorite newspaper in your own language on your mobile. It is very easy to get NewsHunt on your mobile. Choose you Handset manufacturer and Model and Enjoy Reading !!

To read NewsHunt download NewsHunt for Free. You can read many other newspaper in one single download.


After downloading the files, please transfer them to your mobile phone either by using Bluetooth or data cable.

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  1. Download The Hindu news paper for free with a simple bash script using your computer and copy the downloaded file to you mobile, enjoy reading.



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